Specializing in Remodeling & Restoration


A large part of our success has been in the restoration of older, historical homes. We have spent many years transforming old, tired, and worn houses into beautifully restored homes with a new life ahead, through the preservation process. Few contractors can make this claim.

We use recycled & authentic materials in areas needed to help bring back the “historical” in the homes of our clients. We know how and where to look for the unusual piece of antique hardware or plumbing and where to find replicas when the original cannot be repaired. We can use different levels and degrees of restoration, depending on desired authenticity and your budget. We do our very best to provide you with the best bang for your buck during this process!

Here are a few of our restoration areas of expertise:

  • Existing wood siding paint removal.
  • Interior paint removal to reveal and refinish natural wood.
  • Original wood siding repairs.
  • Removal of existing aluminum or vinyl siding over original wood siding.
  • Removal of existing damaged or decayed wood siding and installation of custom milled siding to match the original look.
  • Installation of missing interior or exterior window moldings and crown detail.
  • Removal of historically inappropriate windows, repair of old but salvageable wood windows, and installation of new wood windows that closely match the detail of the originals.
  • Sanding and refinishing of old hardwood floors, stair railing detail and woodwork.