Specializing in Remodeling & Restoration

Fire/Smoke/Flood Damage Repairs

Sometimes in life things happen that we do not plan for. When you have a fire, or water damages your home, we are there to help. No one ever wants these unexpected household emergencies, but if and when they happen, we can help you put the pieces back together again.

Reconstruction after a household disaster is another specialized skill. Although repairing fire or water damage may look a lot like remodeling, it is actually quite different. Prompt intervention to minimize smoke and odor damage and to dry out structures is essential. There is often hidden damage to electrical wires, plumbing lines and structural framing that can be easily overlooked or ignored. It takes someone who is experienced to know what is damaged and what is not. You cannot cover up smoke, fire, or water damage and expect a home to be the same in the end. Taking the correct steps in an orderly process will ensure that your home will be completely restored to its original condition.

We can work with you or your insurance company when making repairs. Whatever the circumstances may be, we do our best to make the experience as easy as possible.